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How to Relieve Stress for Long Term?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Breathing is something we all do everyday, something we barely even think about. It just happens. We breathe to stay alive, but did you know that breathing can do so much more than just that? Taking a few minutes everyday to practice deep breathing can be useful overtime. Breathing relaxes the mind and calms the body. Just practicing deep breathing for two minutes can make you feel great for the next two hours! It also improves your overall productivity and concentration, and there are countless other benefits of deep breathing exercises.

How to Relieve Stress for Long Term?

Deep breathing improves blood circulation throughout your body, and is essential to flush out the toxins from your body. Slow, controlled breaths promote oxygen supply to your body, improving energy levels for the entire day. It helps to calm your mind, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and lower blood pressure. Deep breathing also relaxes the muscles of the face, preventing wrinkles in the long run.

What is the science behind breathing? How does it work? Well, let’s test it out. Take a deep breath in and expand your lungs to maximum capacity. Can you feel the stretch around your chest and spine? This stretches the nerves, activating them, and calms the nervous system by producing electric waves of energy that restore the body’s vitality. The more muscles and nerves you recruit while inhaling, the more relaxed and energized you will feel. Dancers, yogis, and all athletes develop strategies to enhance this process.

Deep breathing is a pathway that reveals the power of the inner self. The more you practice this kind of breathing, the more you can retrain the mind, allowing you to slow down and see things for what they really are. This allows for deep relaxation and cultivates positivity.

When you don't breathe correctly, you end up using your energy ineffectively. When we were babies, we would breathe deeply without realizing it. Have you ever seen a baby breathe? They take full, long belly breaths. However, as we grow, we become more self-conscious and aware of our bodies. People often suck in their bellies and don’t breathe correctly to look thinner. However, in reality, this can lead to shallow breaths, not giving the body the oxygen it needs to feel awake and aware.

As your personal breathing skills evolve, you will experience an increased capacity to ease your mind, giving you the confidence to face stress and anxiety. This, in turn, relaxes the muscles of the body. The more relaxed your face is, the better your skin will look over time!

Yoga can be beneficial for practicing deep breathing. Breathing is a huge part of yoga and is one of the eight limbs of the practice. Yogis refer to this as Pranayama. When poses are done in yoga, they are linked with the breath. As the poses open up, you inhale, and as they close off, you exhale. This not only helps with your strength and movement, but it restores your energy for the rest of the day.

A variant of yoga, called face yoga, is crucial for facial fitness. Face yoga exercises are useful to tighten the facial skin in order to get rid of wrinkles. It gives a healthy, young, and glowing look to anyone who practices it. It is helpful to prevent crow's feet, swollen face, smile lines, and double chin. Along with this, it is also useful to correct face asymmetry. It is widely used amongst celebrities to practice face yoga.

It can be hard for someone to practice correct breathing without initial training. Always consult a trainer before starting face yoga. Or, get an App that can replace a trainer.

You can try an app called Forever Beauty. It is a free app that promotes facial fitness along with facial beauty. This app provides free consultation with trainers and personalized video tutorials. Download now for iOS and Android

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