Frequently Asked Questions

Why personalized makeup tutorials?

There are two main facial characteristics to keep in mind when doing your makeup. The first one is skin tone, and the second is facial features. It is important to match the makeup product shade with your skin tone to give it an even tint throughout the face while covering the spots and uneven skin tone. Why is understanding facial features important - Suppose you have a rectangular face, as per the technique you have contoured the forehead corners on the face to make it narrower. But if you use this technique on an oval face, you will be making your face look very narrow and long.

Whom are these makeup tutorials designed for?

These tutorials are for anyone who wants to do their makeup with the correct technique. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we have tutorials for every type. We aim to help women feel confident and beautiful.

How to find the right tutorials?

Our app is not only about watching and learning. But we have many other features like expert feedback, screen recording, product recommendations, glossary, and much more. Watch the tutorials while recording your screen. You can watch and share the recording with our experts to ask for some feedback or tips to improve. Experts will revert with a solution within 24 hrs. Use the glossary to learn the basics your way and at your speed.

What is expert feedback? How can we use it?

No, It’s absolutely free. You can contact the experts whenever you want. They will respond within 24 hrs.

What is a Glossary? What is the use of it?

The glossary contains an in-depth explanation of a procedure. Use the glossary to learn the basics your way and at your speed. Solve simple queries like “How do you hold the brush?”, “I don't know what a tapered brush means?” The answer should be there is a section for Glossary where we provide mini videos on how-tos. You may check answers to such queries on the app.

How are step by step tutorials different from video tutorials?

In step by step, the tutorial is split into multiple sections. Each section is one step of the tutorial. So if you missed out on a step, you go back to the exact step without any inconvenience. Whereas in a video tutorial, you need to drag back to the exact time. And going back can become very challenging.

Can we use the app with a mirror?

No, you don't require a mirror as the app already has it in-built. The app has a feature called a smart mirror. Using this, you can do your makeup and simultaneously watch step-by-step makeup tutorials. So you don’t need an actual mirror. The Smart Mirror in the app does it for you.

What is a smart mirror?

The mirror feature lets you do your makeup at the same time as you watch the tutorials. Use your phone’s front camera as a mirror simultaneously with the tutorial. The tutorials and mirrors on the same screen provide proper guidance to follow and eliminate errors in performing the tutorial. You can even personalize the mirror using features like no mirror mode, mirror on top mode, mirror on bottom mode.

Is it safe to record video and store it on the app?

Yes, it is safe. Record your technique to share with experts and friends for feedback. View your saved Recordings later. The recordings are on your phone and they cannot be viewed by anyone unless you choose to share them with the experts. Even then, no one other than the expert can see your video. The link is shared with the expert which is disabled once the query is solved.