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Increase your sales,
3x your product referrals!
Provide Your Users With An AI-Based Beauty App  

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Your Brand

You Get:

-We promote your product to our users.  (No commission). -Customize our App with your logo, colors, & brand aesthetics to make it uniquely yours. -You offer the App to your users & visitors. (For Free). -This App version will only show your products. -Typical users use the App twice a week,  -This gives the brand a lot of visibility in front of the users. -Increasing your sales, website traffic & referrals. 

A Revolutionary AI-Based Skincare/Makeup App for Free. The app helps users: - Save time and improve results with their skincare/makeup regime. - Users can scan their faces. - Get detected with  20+ facial issues.  - Get a personalized beauty report & plan. The beauty plan will include the following: - Skincare home remedies & natural products. - Facial exercise smart tutorials. - Makeup techniques & Product recommendations. - After-makeup look sessions & feedback. - Schedule, log, and track. 

Your Customer Get:

Beauty Products
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