Face Yoga is a set of facial exercises for skin tightening. It tones facial muscle and improves blood circulation. Providing youthful and glowing skin. Face Yoga is a natural anti-aging treatment that helps you to look younger. 

Forever Beauty is the best free face yoga app that provides Facial Exercises along with Breath Bar to synchronize your breathing activity. The Smart Mirror allows you to record your video while exercising and send it to an Expert for Free Feedback. 

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Download the Forever Beauty app and get free access to: 

Breath bar

 We take care of your busy schedule and gives you the flexibility of time

range to choose.

 Watch yourself do exercises side-by-side in a video! So you always have the right technique!

Slow and deep breathing prevents face-aging. Never forget to practice the same with our interactive breath bar!

 We have certified face yoga instructors. Record and send us your moves  and get free feedback!

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Don't worry! 

Face Yoga exercises are effective

 and scientifically proven. 

Read the Northwestern medical study to know more.

Still having doubts, check FAQ on face yoga.

Stop doubting now and RELAX. You have got a chance for it!


Meghan Markle is known to promote face yoga. She herself practices facial yoga exercises for a sculpted face. Learn more from proven experiences  of celebrities


"I swear it works, as silly as you may feel." - Meghan Markle


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Alia Premjee

Alia is a certified Face Yoga instructor. She has also been

a practicing cosmetologist

for 30+ years in

Houston, Texas

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Jeffrey Stalnaker

Jeffrey is an experienced, award-winning yoga instructor with 10+ years of experience based in

Houston, TX.

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Megan Savage

Megan is a Toronto-based yoga enthusiast, who has been practicing yoga for over

5 years. Most recently,

she found love within

Face Yoga.

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Maki Hinotani

I started practicing because I wanted to do something with the hollows in the eye and cheek area. I now feel the muscles on my face and my face has also lifted up.



3 Years were worth the

Visible change. 



I am not a disciplined person, so I tried one pose while driving, watching TV, or reading, and to my own amazement, I got great results