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Forever Beauty aims at helping people retain their youthful look. 

High quality product recommendation.

Provide high quality expert tutorials for free.

AI-powered app that gives you personalized guidance.

Our Vision

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Our Vision

Be able to provide users with expert feedback.


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Fenil is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and COO of Forever Beauty. Fenil brings 30+ years of experience and knowledge to the team. Prior to his current role, Fenil founded and sold Sarla Software (NASDAQ: ASUR) and (NASDAQ:CEN). In addition, Fenil built an inhaler education tool,, that has reached millions of users across the globe to assist in effective inhaler technique. For Forever Beauty, Fenil assists with strategy, day-to-day operations, and anywhere else the business needs a helping hand.

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Jeff is a software genius and Smart Mirror’s secret weapon. Jeff has spent close to 30 years in the software industry. Prior to Forever Beauty, Jeff was the lead architect in the development of, one of the first cloud-based services to do your HR, Payroll, and Timesheets all online. 

Note: Jeff does not like having his picture taken, but we think George Clooney looks similar!

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Emily Morgul is an experienced makeup artist based in Houston, Texas with 8 years of experience in the makeup world. She has worked as a makeup freelancer and in retail makeup, and she brings a strong understanding of how consumers use makeup to the team. For Forever Beauty, she assists with the development of makeup tutorials and building strong personalization data that offers users color and tool recommendations personalized for their own face.


Vinaya is a visionary Product Manager with the Forever Beauty team. She brings a tremendous passion for creating exciting consumer apps, and she is constantly pushing our team to create a better user experience. Fun Fact: Vinaya is the first model for all the videos in our app! For Forever Beauty, Vinaya assists with content creation, user testing, and data management.

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Jeffrey is an experienced yoga instructor with 10+ years of experience based in Houston, TX. He is an award-winning yoga instructor and meditation expert. He is building Forever Beauty's face yoga routine. 


Leonel Rojas is an experienced makeup artist and makeup tutorial influencer based in San Francisco, CA. He has an extensive makeup education and assists with makeup technique questions from clients. 

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