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Alia Khan

Face Yoga Instructor

Expert Feedback

Our experts will reply within 24hrs. It is a free service.

Meet Our Experts

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Alia is a certified Face Yoga instructor. She has also been a practicing cosmetologist for 30+ years in Houston, Texas.




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Megan is a Toronto-based yoga enthusiast who has been practicing yoga for over five years. Most recently, she found love within Face Yoga.

Jeffrey Stalnaker

Jeffrey Stalnaker

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Jeffrey is an experienced, award-winning yoga instructor with 10+ years of experience in Houston, TX.

Tanja Rihtarsic


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Tanja is a face yoga enthusiast from Slovenia who has been practicing yoga for over four years. She is a certified Face Yoga and Juicy Face Lifting Massage instructor.

Get Solutions For Skincare Problems. 

Ask any questions and get a guaranteed reply.
To chat with our Experts,  please register yourself using the Chatbox and chat with them for free.

You can use this as a consultation service. If you need any recommendations for your face, you may ask that too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expert feedback? How can we use it? 

Suppose you have any problem understanding any part of the tutorial. Or if you are looking for advice, you may a question to our experts. And we will make sure to reply within 24 hrs. 
To use our expert feedback, you may download the app or find a popup on the bottom left of the website.

Is there any consultation fee to get expert feedback?

No, It's free. You can contact the experts whenever you want. They will make sure to reply within 24 hrs.

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