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Winged Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Updated: May 17

Getting ready for a night out and want that snatched eyeliner look? Ready to ditch the shaky lines and achieve eyeliner perfection?

Winging your eyeliner is no longer an uphill task. This step-by-step guide will have you rocking a flawless cat eye in no time! 

Get ready for your eyeliner magic!

STEP 1: Prime your eyelids

Dab a little bit of moisturizer on your fingertips and gently warm them up by rubbing them together. Then, pat it gently onto your eyelids. This step preps your eyelids for any Eye makeup you are about to apply.

Prime your eyes before applying any make up product
Prime Eyelids

We have a few eyeliner recommendations for you to try out:

  1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

  1. Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

  1. KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner

STEP 2: Mark your center 

Grab your liquid eyeliner and make a small dot in the center of each eyelid, right where your upper lashes meet the lid.

Mark the center of the eyelid with the liquid eyeliner
Mark Your Center

STEP 3: Line it up: 

Starting from the outer corner of your eye (the V shape), use small strokes to draw a line along your upper lash line inwards. Stop at the point where the V meets your eye.

Draw a line from the dot marked on the center of your eyelid towards the end of your eyelid with your eyeliner and stay close to the eye lash line
Line it Up

STEP 4: Connect the center 

Now, switch to the innermost corner of your eye (near the tear duct). Using small strokes again, draw a line inwards towards the center dot you made earlier.

Draw a line with a liquid eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyelid towards the dot you marked on the center of your eyelid. Stay close to the lash line
Connect The Center

STEP 5: Extend the wing (optional)

Want a dramatic wing? Make a small dot about half an inch away from the outer corner of your eye, pointing slightly upwards at an angle towards the end of the Eyebrow.

Mark a dot away from the eyeliner line on your eyelid at angle towards the end of the eyebrow with a liquid eyeliner
Extend The Wing

STEP 6: Complete the loop 

Following the natural curve of your lower lash line, carefully extend the eyeliner from that outer dot toward the center dot you created on your eyelid. Do this on both sides, connecting the upper and lower lines.

Extend the Wing with the liquid eyeliner by connecting the dot with the eyeliner line on your eyelid
Complete The Look

STEP 7: Fill it in 

Now for the drama! Use your eyeliner to fill in the space between the upper and lower lines you created on your eye, creating a smooth, even wing.

Fill in any spaces with the liquid eyeliner and creating a perfect winged eyeliner
Fill It In


Remember the other side of the eye!

To complete the look, repeat steps 1 through 7 on your other eye.

Voila! You've mastered the art of eyeliner!

We hope you will be winging your makeup looks and slaying. For more makeup looks and skincare routines, check out our Forever Beauty App and follow us.

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