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Let an App tell you which type of Gua Sha should you be using

Updated: May 13

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing stone. It is a form of acupuncture that involves curative properties These powerful stones are made up of various materials and shapes. As per research scrapping technique of gua sha improves the blood circulation in the area. Gua sha scraping can help cells create heme oxygenase-1. HO-1 helps to reduce inflammation and is one of many possible benefits of gua sha. Improved blood circulation in the area where gua sha is used, decreases pain in that region. This results in anti-inflammation and “immune protective” effects.

Every Gua sha tool has individual significance. And it is required to know their uses before buying them. Every material like - Jade, Rose quartz, Amethyst is in shapes like - Wing-shaped, dolphin-shaped, S-shaped and Square shaped, and many more! So, if you have questions like how to pick and what to pick? Then you have come to the right place.

Here are some material and shape combinations along with their benefits.

This tabular for explain the purpose and benefits of various gua sha stones of different shapes and materials.
This tabular for explain the purpose and benefits of various gua sha stones of different shapes and materials.

For facial beauty, gua sha provides an initial relaxation before starting face yoga. Gua sha is a preview to face yoga. It can also be used before makeup to depuff the face to get a glamorous look. Other than this you can use gua sha when you feel like you need facial healing. Gua Sha techniques are not easy, and precise application will bring substantially more benefits. That is why an App with Mirror, expert, side by side, and guiding visual tools is very valuable.

Mobile apps can use facial scanning to scan your face. Based on this they can understand your facial skin type and personalize Gua sha tutorials. Every face is unique and the procedures are different for everyone. So, using an app that can personalize your beauty routines will be very useful.

Facial scanning can simplify the process of finding the right tool for your face. This can also analyze the face and recommend products like oils, makeup, tools, etc. A mobile app after scanning your face, age, goals, and your habits, based on data analytics and ML can suggest you a series of routines that can consist of Gua Sha, Facial exercises, meditation, etc.

While using gua sha it is important to know how much pressure to apply on the face. So apps can have a visual tool that appears during the tutorials. This tool can be called a pressure bar. So on certain areas of the face, where the pressure should be more, the pressure bar can go higher.

Breathing is an important aspect of any type of facial movement. So, just like a pressure bar, there is a visual tool called a breath bar. The breath bar will help enhance breathing techniques for optimum breathing. It tells when exactly when to breathe and for how long. Eventually, as it synchronizes with your breathing, it increases the inhale and exhale duration. This boosts the exergy level in the body making you feel good for the rest of the day.

Breath Bar

To avoid mistakes while doing these massages, a side-by-side mirror could come in handy. So on the same screen of the app, you can see tutorials as well as yourself in the mirror. This is a great help so you can do your massages anytime and anywhere. And all you will need is your phone.

Side by side mirror

Some apps help you connect with an expert for feedbacks. So if you think you want to connect with an actual tutor you can do so. These expert tutors reply within 24hrs. You can get assistance through, video calls, recording, personalized videos, and annotations.

Before you start following any tutorial or app. Always look for these tools and features. This will help you optimize the whole facial routine.

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