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Guasha Tutorials

Gua Sha has long been recognized as a safer and natural alternative to injectables for skin firming. It's one of the most effective self-care rituals for restoring, stimulating, and increasing circulation, as well as releasing stress.


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These tutorials will include information to the users on how the technique works with the help of arrow indication and pressure level indicator.  It will reduce the chance of making mistakes and provide optimum value to users. 

We offer several videos that focus on:

  • Whole Face (with the help of all tools)

  • Facial Areas (i.e., jawline, cheekbones, under eyes, forehead.)

  • Facial Problems ( Forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, saggy eyes, so on)

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Benefits of the app

Practice Deep Breathing

  • Use our visual breath bar for deep breathing.

  • Feel fresh and energized. 

  • Get a glowing look for the long term.

breath bar.png

We have videos of both male and female Gua Sha routines. 

It is widely known that proper breathing before and during Gua Sha application leads to optimum results for Gua Sha. Our tutorials will have a visual tool called a breath bar to help optimize breathing and, in turn, optimize results. The breath bar will help enhance breathing techniques for the uses, which is the unique feature provided by Forever beauty.

Image by Darius Bashar

Gua sha is a preview to face yoga. Gua sha provides an initial relaxation before starting face yoga. After that, we will provide users access to face yoga and beautify the face, and Gua sha is beneficial for makeup uses as it helps the face look more edge. Gua sha accompanies as a pre routine technique for face yoga and pre-makeup. We are making it a one-stop solution to have good skin.

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