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How does Gua sha help to soften smoker lines and to plump lips?

Updated: Apr 24

Achieving softer facial lines, fuller lips, and holistic whole-body benefits through gua sha

Gua sha help to soften smoker lines

For those of us seeking enhanced lip volume and a brighter smile, lip fillers have traditionally provided a relatively accessible option for achieving cosmetic improvement. However, as a procedure, lip fillers are not without their risks and drawbacks.

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese medicinal technique that is proving appealing in the modern-day. Unlike quite specific procedures like lip filler augmentation, gua sha impacts positively upon the entire body, not just the face. Unlike other types of cosmetic procedures, gua sha is non-invasive lower risk, which makes this facial self-care technique a preferred alternative to more intrusive injectable methods like Botox.

Gua sha offers many benefits. Gua sha entails applying gentle pressure to the skin and has circulation benefits, particularly when applied to stimulate the area around the lips. This helps to maintain the fullness of the lips over time, as well as soften fine lines, such as those caused by smoking.

Those who have tried gua sha will realize, however, that the benefits can be much more holistic than restricted to a single area of the face. Gua sha is commonly and routinely used to treat chronic pain throughout the body, targeting stubborn areas of tension and alleviating pressures. If used correctly and following good practice guidance, gua sha offers full-body benefits.

How to get started: choosing the right gua sha tool

Choosing the right tool, adopting the correct techniques, and precisely targeting your tool's application will significantly improve the benefits you obtain from gua sha practice.

The first step is to select the most suitable gua sha tool. Different gua sha tools exist and the correct one for you is largely influenced by the sensitivity of your skin, any skin problems you might be experiencing, and what you hope to achieve from gua sha practice.

For example, the rose quartz, ring-shaped gua sha tool is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin, or those suffering from acne, rosacea, or other skin problems. Rose quartz, a dolphin-shaped tool is also a good choice if you find yourself within this group. In contrast, for those hoping to work on their Qi balance, the dolphin-shaped, jade gua sha tool is a good choice.

If you are considering purchasing your first gua sha tool, check out our blog, which has lots of helpful extra details about the types available, their curative properties, and the types of issues they can help you tackle.

How to improve your gua sha technique: install our app

To get the most out of your gua sha tool investment and to ensure your application is precisely targeted on areas of the face where you hope to see the greatest benefits, our app, ‘Forever Beauty: Face Yoga Face Exercise & Makeup’, is a fantastic source of support. There are many features within the app to support your gua sha practice.

Guiding visual tools are a key feature of our app. These allow you to track improvements and watch the facial changes you are achieving daily. Guided by a daily side-by-side comparison, you can make informed decisions about areas of your face to target next and where you might benefit from applying gua sha more often or differently.

Our app also converts your phone into a convenient mirror and it is this feature that supports you in practicing and improving your technique anywhere and on the go. Rather than applying the tools without precision, having a phone as a mirror in hand will better enable you to observe your technique and improve your gua sha skills over time.

Breathing is a crucial component in getting the most out of your gua sha equipment, and it is the foundation of gua sha. Breathing techniques assist your body to relax, which can help you get the most out of your gua sha practice and get those full-body advantages. Our app features a ‘breath bar’, which will help to optimize your breathing.

Another useful feature of our app is the ability to set reminders – for gua sha to be most effective, it should be practiced regularly. Setting reminders will help your practice remain routine and on track.

We understand that gua sha can seem complex but we are keen to make it accessible to as many people as possible. We provide free expert consultation for addressing any queries or doubts.

For all these features and more, download and install our app for Android devices or for IOS devices through the App Store (ForeverBeauty Face Yoga Makeup on the App Store).

How to maximize your gua sha benefits: watch our tutorials

Once you’ve selected the right gua sha tool for you and after you have installed our app, you will have access to personalized gua sha tutorials and a wealth of expertise. The tutorials can be personalized to match a range of individual requirements, skin tones, and facial features with our aim being to provide you with information and expertise to help you get the most from gua sha practice.

Breathing is important in optimizing the benefits you will receive from gua sha practice. Our breath advice is, therefore, vital preparation for those new to gua sha, or for those who would like to unlock greater benefits from their practice.

Tutorials also include expert guidance on how to use the edge of the gua sha tool to achieve maximum benefits. As part of explaining how to use the tools, arrows and pressure level indicators are used within the tutorials to help you understand the impact of using the tool precisely and correctly.

By engaging with the tutorials early, you are more likely to optimize the benefits you see as a result of gua sha and reduce the likelihood of using incorrect techniques.


Gua sha is a compelling addition to your self-care routine, existing lip care regimes, or facial yoga practices. Using it before makeup application can also help reduce any facial puffiness and improve your skin’s appearance. Gua sha is also a great way to relax – you can grab your gua sha tool and apply our techniques anytime you are in need of facial reawakening and rejuvenation!

If you would like to find out more, stay tuned for our gua sha tutorials on YouTube or get started using our app!

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