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How to get rid of droopy cheeks naturally using an AI- powered app

Updated: Apr 2

Our face goes through various changes as we age. We start seeing lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. We cannot avoid this, but we can surely work on preventing and minimizing this. Droopy cheeks are a significant sign of aging. There are many dermatological treatments to overcome these signs. But these treatments can cost a lot of money.

Dermatological therapies also come with many side effects due to chemical applications.

These can cause bruises, swelling, rashes, and much more. There are many natural ways to help with droopy cheeks. They are 100% safe and do not require any chemicals. Facial exercises and Gua sha massages are some of the natural ways.

These face exercises are focused on working on the facial muscles which support the skin above. It helps to overcome the loss of collagen in our skin. By building, stimulating, and strengthening the facial muscles, we can achieve a sculpted and toned face and hence helps tighten the facial skin. . Massages promote the movement of lymphatic fluid, along with the toxins, and help eliminate puffiness from the face as well. It’s like a natural way to get a facelift.

How to get rid of droopy cheeks naturally using AI- powered app

What Causes Droopy Cheeks?

Once we reach our mid-thirties, we start to lose the plumpness under the face And notice the reduction of collagen under the skin. Loss of collagen leads to loss of elasticity of the skin, causing the skin to droop down.

Here is a quick trick you can try to see your face with and without droopy cheeks

Look down, holding a mirror perpendicular facing you, and you will see that your face has sagging skin on the cheeks, a double chin, and wrinkles. This happens due to the gravity, making you look puffy with wrinkles. This is how your face will look after ten years.

Now, look up towards the ceiling with a mirror. You see a face without wrinkles or droopy cheeks. This is how your face looked ten years ago. Regular facial exercises, such as face yoga, can help you achieve this younger look. These exercises will help you maintain this youthful look for the long term. Follow the video below to get rid of droopy cheeks.

How to droopy cheeks:

Face Yoga and Gua Sha with Forever Beauty

Face yoga and Gua sha exercises are simple facial movements and massages for the face, which help to build and tone facial muscles. In the case of droopy cheeks, you can work on the muscles around the cheek area to tighten and lift the cheeks, making your cheeks look firm and younger.

One of the famous face exercises is the “WOW” posture. This is so effective that just saying “wow” a few times a day will help you strengthen your cheeks.

Face Yoga and Gua Sha with Forever Beauty

There are many apps available to help you exercise your cheeks. Forever Beauty app uses facial scanning to find the degree of droopiness of the cheeks. Based on these analyses the app will personalize face yoga and gua sha tutorials.

For instance, if you have mild sagging of cheeks, it will recommend shorter tutorials. And if the degree of sagging is more, then it will suggest longer and advanced workouts. These exercises will be highly efficient because they are specially personalized for the level of droopiness in the cheek area.


When you do the exercises for droopy cheeks, there is a chance that you might not do it accurately. You are more likely to do gua sha massages wrong as they have crucial steps to follow - Right stone, right area, right pressure, and the correct angle. You might make mistakes like go much faster or work in the wrong area without looking in a mirror. So, for example, if the main area for gua sha is the cheeks, and you work on the cheekbones, then you won’t get the expected results.

To increase the accuracy, the app has a side-by-side mirror with step-by-step tutorials. So, you can watch yourself and compare it with the tutor correctly. And, because there are step-by-step tutorials, you can go back to the exact step you want to without wasting time.

If you have any queries or need some more guidance on droopy cheeks, you can connect with our experts for feedback. Our experts can help you with any questions or doubts. They can also recommend the best products according to your skin type to help with droopy cheeks. Using the right oil is very important for gua sha. Our experts can also give you tips to improve your workout routine for your cheeks.

Because the cheeks cover a large part of the facial muscles, it might take some time to get results. It can take a few weeks to build the cheek muscles. During this time, it is essential to be consistent. This is where the app can come in handy. You can set a reminder on the app. So, every day at a set time, you will be reminded to do the exercises. This way you won’t even miss a day. Consistency is the key to success.

As droopy cheeks can take time to tighten and lift, you may give up too soon and so for this but facial tracking can be a perfect tool for you. You can store images in the app so that you can compare every picture. So, after each day’s facial exercises, you can take a picture and store it on the app. Once you start seeing a change, this will boost you to continue working on your cheeks.

Because the cheek is a large muscle, it is crucial to have a rich supply of energy, oxygen, and nutrients to activate the muscles. For this, we have a visual breath bar. This helps to remind and assist in taking deep breaths providing maximum energy and oxygen supply during the exercise.

Breath Bar

In addition to the breath bar, there is a visual pressure bar for gua sha. This bar helps to apply the right amount of pressure on your face when performing gua sha. The area around the cheeks needs light to medium pressure. So, the bar will show you exactly how much pressure to apply. Likewise, pressure on areas around the eyes is comparatively lesser than the cheeks or forehead.

Gua sha application on droopy cheeks is comparatively more complicated, and you are more likely to make mistakes without guidance. Smart tutorials are beneficial to avoid mistakes. This makes it easy to keep up with exercises for the best results. When you use an app for face yoga or gua sha tutorials, you can do the exercises at your own pace and convenience.

Makeup For Droopy Cheeks with Forever Beauty

If you are looking for a quick short-term solution for droopy cheeks, makeup is the best option for you. Using the forever beauty app, you can customize your makeup tutorial as per your facial features. So, you can get tutorials of someone who has similar features as you. They will give you all the tips and tricks to create an uplifted appearance for the cheeks. Just like face yoga and gua sha, makeup tutorials also have all the features. Here are some of the top features of the makeup tutorial: -

  • Side by side mirror - You cannot do makeup without seeing yourself. Especially in the case of droopy cheeks, you need to apply makeup on the exact area. So, an inbuilt mirror comes in handy.

Side by side mirror

  • Personalized tutorials - You can set the app as per your facial features and the problem area; in this case, it will be droopy cheeks. The app will customize all the tutorials according to your selection. And provide you with the best, personalized tutorials.

  • Stepwise tutorials - Following the steps to uplift droopy cheeks is not easy, as it is a large face area. You might have to go back to specific steps multiple times. So instead of dragging the timer, the app lets you directly go to the step you missed and hold on to the step until you finish.

  • Expert Feedback - If you feel you could not do your makeup correctly, you can contact our experts. They will tell you how you can improve through video calls, customized videos, annotations, etc. They will also recommend products and techniques that will help you with the process.

You will find many more exciting features in the Forever Beauty app. Along with makeup for the short term, check out Face yoga and Gua sha for long-term benefits. Our app is a free resource with 100+ tutorials to help with droopy cheeks.

Where can I find an app?

There are many apps available on the app store and play store. But not all the apps have features like the one listed above. So, it’s essential to check every app and the features they provide. You can try Forever Beauty on iOS and Android to use all the features mentioned above.

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