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Face Yoga For Droopy Eyelids Using Mobile Tools

Updated: May 8, 2023

Ptosis, commonly referred to as a droopy eyelid, occurs when the upper eyelid muscles weaken and droop down over the eye. Droopy eyes can affect both eyelids causing temporary or permanent problems. This issue can cause problems such as vision loss or vision block. There is no fixed age at which droopy eyes occur, but it is familiar with older people.

Face Yoga For Droopy Eyelids Using Mobile Tools

Droopy eyes are caused due to some conditions like:

Congenital ptosis - This condition occurs when the levator muscle in the top eyelid doesn’t develop correctly. Though uncommon, a child can be born with this condition. This can lead to a delay in their visual development or a lazy eye (amblyopia).

Acquired ptosis - This occurs when an eyelid droop develops from an underlying condition like tumors, nerve damage, myasthenia gravis, and much more. This type of ptosis can be prevented or treated if the symptoms are noticed at the early stages.

Non-Medical Treatment

Droopy eyelids can be prevented with regular and consistent facial exercises to strengthen the muscles around the eyelids. Problems such as dark circles, puffy eyes, and tiredness in the eyes can be some early symptoms. A prolonged period of symptoms can cause droopy eyelids in the future.

Droopy eyes mess up with the symmetry of our eyes. To many people, it’s not appealing to look at. More importantly, blocked vision can make it very hard to carry out day-to-day activities.

There is no fixed solution to stop droopy eyes from happening. But it is recommended to workout eyelids, eyebrows, and forehead muscles. This helps to strengthen the muscles and reduce the chance of drooping eyelids.

Facial exercises and Gua sha help to tighten the facial muscles for the long term. It is a good practice for everyone seeking natural and efficient solutions.

While doing the eye exercises, it is also essential to do the forehead exercises. The forehead and eyelid muscles are linked to each other. So, when we open our eyes, we use the eyelid muscles and our forehead muscles. To test this, try this short pose:

Widen your eyes and look up towards your forehead. If your forehead is wrinkling or frowning, this means you’re not utilizing your eyelid muscles. In this case, your forehead muscles are being used. If this continues, you’re likely to deepen your wrinkles or frown. Likewise, limited use of your eyelid muscles will result in the weakening and drooping of eyelids.

Benefits of facial exercises on droopy eyes

  • Strengthen the eyelid muscles to prevent or treat droopy eyelids

  • Increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the forehead and eyelid muscles.

  • Clears out stagnant toxins and releases tension. This helps to rejuvenate the muscles and skin affected by droopy eyes.

  • It helps to stretch and renew tissues that weaken the eyelid muscles.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making the eyes look firm

Exercises for drooping eyelids

Face Yoga Exercises Using a Mobile App

Face yoga is a set of facial exercises to tighten and tone facial muscles. Every facial feature has its exercises. For droopy eyelids, the focus area should be the eyes and the forehead.

Due to ptosis, it can be hard even to see the tutorials correctly. So, it is recommended to do these exercises using a side-by-side mirror. A mirror will help in doing the exercises precisely on the correct area of the face. Forever Beauty app comes in handy in this case. It allows you to use the tutorials and the mirror on the same screen.

Side-By-Side Mirror

This app allows you to choose the duration of the exercises. So as per your time constraints, you can follow an equally beneficial tutorial. These exercises can be done anywhere at any time.

Breathing helps to increase the blood circulation to your facial area. So, for droopy eyes, you can increase the blood flow to your eyelids and forehead. This carries oxygenated blood, which is vital to rejuvenate your muscles. To benefit from this, it is useful to follow our virtual breathing tool to get the optimal value of deep breathing.

Breath Bar

There should be a way to track your progress to reduce droopy eyes. For this, before starting daily facial exercises, it’s essential to take a picture of your face. Also, take selfies every day after doing facial exercises. Forever Beauty lets you store the image in the app itself. With photos you can see the progress, this will help to motivate you to keep going.

Now, which tutorial should you follow? It is crucial to find the correct tutorial for your face. Use Forever Beauty to scan your face and tell you the exact area to work on. This way, you will not be spending time on tutorials that are not required on your face.

Forever Beauty has a feature called expert consultation. This feature is handy for droopy eyes because you can know if facial exercises are the right fit for you. Experts can also give suggestions to improvise your workout. An expert can also suggest to you if there is any medical treatment required for your issues.

Gua Sha Massages

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing stone. It involves acupuncture and healing properties. These powerful stones are made up of various materials and shapes. Every stone has a unique purpose and benefits. So, it is essential to use a stone that will benefit you the most.

Gua sha

You will find many sources online that will tell you the value of a particular Gua Sha stone and shape. For droopy eyelids, the stone recommended will be different from other facial problems and requirements. To simplify this, our app uses facial scanning for personalization. It tells you exactly which Gua Sha tool to use for droopy eyes and the face type.

As per research, Gua Sha increased the blood circulation to the eyes and forehead for droopy eyes. This sincerely increases the oxygen supply to the affected muscles of droopy eyes, rejuvenating the muscles and strengthens the forehead and eyelid muscles. It also helps to decrease pain in that region resulting in anti-inflammation and “immune protective” effects.

Gua Sha Facial therapy is closely related to ensuring deep tissue facial technique. Droopy eyelids require a certain amount of pressure on the forehead and eyelid muscles. Forever Beauty has a visible pressure bar on the screen along with the tutorial. This tool helps you with the amount of pressure to apply to your affected areas to tone the muscles. This is crucial because every area of the face needs different pressure.

It is always advised to get it checked by a doctor for any underlying medical problem. For droopy eyes due to muscle weakening and aging, facial exercises, and massages are a great way to get rid of them naturally. You will get guaranteed results if done properly and consistently. Try Forever Beauty App to enhance the results. Available on iOS and Android.

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