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How to do foundation and concealer for covering dark circles | Medium Skin Tone

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Welcome to Forever Beauty. So in today's makeup video, we will be showing you how to cover your dark under-eye circle. We have the best makeup tips for concealing your dark circle. This tutorial is specially made for medium skin tone. Follow the tips and tricks and get ready for any occasion. Watch the video and learn makeup tips with Forever Beauty.

Step 1 :

Take an eye gel.

Apply it directly under your eyes in dots.

Blend using the pressing motion from the beginning till the end of the eye.

Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step 2 :

Select the right color corrector that cancels out your dark circles.

Deposit the color on the area where you have dark circles.

Step 3 :

Blend using a pressing motion from the beginning till the end of the eye.

Select a concealer suitable for your skin tone.

Layer it on the corrector.

Step 4 :

Grab a beauty blender.

Dab with its narrow side, taking care not to blend the concealer with the corrector.

Step 5 :

Take a flat, tapered brush.

Select a lighter shade of concealer.

Trace it along with the shadow of your eye bags.

Do the same for the other eye.

Step 6 :

Diffuse the line by gently patting with your finger.

Do the same for the other eye.

Step 7 :

Grab a tapered brush.

Take a Setting Powder.

Pat in on the under-eye area.

Start from the inner part of your eye and move outward.

Step 8 :

Lightly brush off extra powder at the end.

Do try it out and let us know. You can also talk to our experts and get feedback for free!

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