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How To Apply Foundation & Concealer On Dark Skin tone

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Are you looking for tips on how to apply foundation and concealer on your skin? You have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we are going to show you the perfect technique for foundation and concealer application. This is the perfect place for you to learn about makeup.

This video is specially made for dark skin tone. If you have any doubt, you can talk to our expert on the feedback section, and we will be happy to help you. Watch the video and learn makeup tips with Forever Beauty.

Step. 1

Just dab a little moisturizer on your palms and rub using your fingertips. Moisturizer helps to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

Step. 2

Apply the moisturizer using a circular motion across your face.

Start from the center and work outwards.

Wait five minutes for the moisturizer to set in.

Step. 3

To ensure your makeup stays put all day, prep your skin with a face primer that will grip your makeup. A good primer keeps your foundation and concealer in place, regardless of the weather.

Put a small face primer drop on one of your palms, rub using your fingertips, and pat onto your face.

Start from the center and spread evenly onto your face using a sweeping motion.

Use a color corrector; draw a small line underneath your eyes.

Blend using sweeping motion followed by tapping.

Step. 4

Apply concealer directly under your eyes.

Select a damp beauty blender and dab it with its narrow side.

Step. 5

Reach for a foundation. Look for one with a radiant finish and apply a little with a makeup blender, bouncing and blending it onto your skin.

Step. 6

Apply the foundation using a quick dabbing motion in a circle over half your face.

Do not cover your eyes.

Repeat on the other half of your face.

Step. 7

Dab the top of your face, starting from one side of your forehead moving across.

Use the narrow part of the beauty blender to blend the area under your eyes.

Dab the bottom part of your face.

Step. 8

Apply the setting powder with a big fluffy makeup brush under your eyes, forehead, and chin.

Let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then with the same brush, blend it all over your face to set the other areas.

Step. 9

To make your makeup look last longer, apply a setting spray to lock your makeup in place all day long.

I hope your face now looks as smooth and perfect as mine!

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