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Science Behind Face Yoga Exercises & How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance it.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Face yoga is an ancient practice that involves a set of facial exercises. Face yoga exercises are known to boost oxygen to the face. This improves the radiance and gives a younger, glowing skin. These exercises are now practiced by people as a natural form of anti-aging. As we start aging, our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity. There is also a loss of fat and muscles under the facial skin. This leads to visible wrinkles on certain areas of the face. With the help of face yoga exercises, we work on building and strengthening the muscles underneath the skin. This helps to give the face a natural uplift without the need for harmful treatments.

Along with face yoga, breathing is an essential part of every exercise. The following steps will help you understand why - Take a deep breath in, expand your lungs to maximum capacity. Can you feel the stretch around your chest and spine? This stretch causes your nerves to stretch. Producing electrochemical waves of energy. This restores the energy in our bodies. The more muscles and nerves you recruit while inhaling increases the amount of restoring energy. Dancers, yogis, and all athletes develop strategies to enhance this process.

Breath Bar

Just like our normal exercises, face exercises also help to tone facial muscles. This eventually helps to get rid of face fat and give a slim face. As per a scientific study, by doing these exercises we also improve the blood circulation to our face. Blood circulation helps to boost oxygen supply to the face. The best way to increase oxygen supply is to incorporate deep breathing during facial yoga. Many apps and videos have a visual tool called a breath bar that helps in deep breathing to increase the oxygen supply to the blood. This oxygenated blood detoxes the face to give a glowing healthy face. The image below shows how a breath bar functions.

Every facial feature has its own exercise. So identifying these areas is necessary. Advanced technology has been successful in building a facial scanning tool. These tools not just scan but also spot problem areas like - Dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, facial features, etc. Face scanning is so powerful that it can identify things that naked eyes cannot detect.

Based on these findings, tutorials are designed as per requirements. These personalized tutorials for specific areas are so advanced that they replace a physical tutor. There are many benefits behind that, as it saves time, saves costs, and overall efficiency increases. This increases the chance of successful outcomes. Along with tutorials, you can get personalized tips and tricks.

If you ever want to consult an actual tutor, some mobile apps and websites have features like expert feedback. In Expert feedback, you can connect with expert trainers with your queries and issues. These experts send replies in various forms like personally designed tutorials, video calls, special consultation sessions, annotations, and much more. This is a very convenient way to practice face yoga exercises.

Accuracy while doing these exercises is an important aspect to get faster results. Tutorials with a side-by-side mirror are effective in such cases. Mobile apps help to provide tutorials and a mirror on the same screen. So you don't need any additional tools to do these facial exercises.

It is necessary to regularly do these exercises to get 100% results. But due to busy schedules, people forget to do these exercises. There is a need for reminders to get it done without fail. So some apps have started using reminder features. This sends users reminders on their fixed time. This way users are prompted to do their exercises on time.

A big question that arises is - How do I know if it really works? This is also simplified by tech in the form of facial tracking. It’s a simple model that helps you compare your face from day 1 to the current day. This feature works like facial exercises before and after. And if you don’t see any changes. Then you have been doing it wrong. It’s time for you to contact an expert for feedback!

Before and after face yoga

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