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Get Rid of Stress with Face Yoga

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We tend to hold emotional stress in our face (particularly in the jaw and at the temples), and eventually, the tension can create patterns, leading to pain and possibly even sagging skin.

Facial Yoga is a set of facial exercises which help you look younger and beautiful. If you combine face yoga with deep breathing, you get the maximum benefit from it. So, to avail of this, we have a visual tool called a Breath bar to help regulate your breathing.

Acupressure point push is a great exercise to relax the forehead to remove tension and prevent wrinkles. You put pressure on specific areas of your face. By pressing these points, you can help release muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Step 1 :

Moisturize your face and neck

before the exercise.

Step 2 :

Sit up straight and roll your fingers to form a fist.

Inhale and bring both fists together at the very top of your forehead.

Step 3 :

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, apply pressure and slowly move your fist down towards the ears and make sure to keep your shoulder relaxed.

Step 4 :

Again, starting from the center of the forehead, work your way down by applying pressure; follow the breath bar simultaneously.

Step 5 :

Now repeat the same on the brow, take a deep breath, and apply pressure on the forehead moving across the eyebrows.

Step 6 :

Follow the breath bar. Repeat this exercise 4 times for relaxation.

Refer to the video below and follow the steps. Perform this exercise every day and get a younger-looking face.

Hope you look great! If you have questions, record a video of your face and send it in, to get expert feedback!

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