How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin - 6 Most Effective Face Yoga For Double Chin

Updated: Jul 3

Say no to double chin with these effective Face Yoga for double chin and get a defined jawline!

No one likes a double chin. It can hint people to your unhealthy lifestyle habits (that includes unhealthy eating and not exercising). Of course, different factors can cause a double chin, like age, posture, and even genetics. But, the bottom line is, having just one chin is enough for everybody. Don't worry we have selected the best face yoga for the double chin to help you with it.

The problem is how to get rid of that extra layer of fat at the bottom of your face. People don’t know where to start or how to do it. Surgery is a guaranteed option, but are you willing to take the risks? We all have heard about surgical disasters! and not everyone is willing to go under the knife. Another option that can both prevent and get rid of a double chin is face yoga.

Easy Face Yoga Exercises to Get Rid of a Double Chin

You probably already know what yoga is, and face yoga is no different. It’s a series of repetitive exercises that stimulate the muscles on the face. By doing this, circulation is increased, the skin on the face is tightened, muscles that you seldom use are stimulated, and the signs of aging are reduced or prevented. To get you started, here are some simple face yoga exercises:

Pucker Up

Pucker up is a great face yoga exercise that stimulates the temporalis muscle. If you’re not familiar with the temporalis, it’s the primary face muscle used for chewing. The more you exercise this muscle, the firmer your jaw structure will be.


  1. Tilt your head backward.

  2. Fix your eyes to the ceiling and pucker your lips up.

  3. Stretch your mouth as much as you can towards the ceiling, as if you’re really trying to kiss it.

  4. Hold for 10 seconds.

  5. After, stop puckering and bring your head back down to its normal position.

Alternative to: Facelift

Repeat it: 5 times

How often to: Once a day

Tongue Touch

The Tongue Touch really exercises your Genioglossus Muscle, the primary muscle responsible for protruding and depressing the tongue. It is located just above the chin. Exercising this part of your face can strengthen your throat muscles, among other things, and even make your neck (and chin) look slender.


  1. Look straight ahead.

  2. Stick your tongue out and stretch it as far as you can.

  3. Then, lift your tongue towards your nose. It doesn’t have to touch the tip of your nose.

  4. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds.

  5. Relax your tongue.

Alternative to: Neck Lift

Repeat it:10 times

How often to: Once a day

Chin Resistance

The Chin Resistance move is probably one of the easiest to do on this list. It creates resistance for the muscles that open the jaw. By doing so, it can make the jaw appear more defined. When your jaw is more defined, it makes your face look slimmer.


  1. Close both of your hands to make a fist.

  2. Gently place both on your chin.

  3. To create resistance, try to open your mouth while your fists gently push up.

  4. When you are comfortable, you can increase the intensity of the resistance.

  5. Hold the position for 10 seconds.

  6. Release the pose and rest.

Alternative to: Botox to the chin

Repeat it: 5 times

How often to: Once a day

Big Smile

This move is called “The Big Smile” because you’re going to look like you’re smiling so hard. The big smile creates tension in your chin muscles. Just like the exercises here, it also helps reduce the fat stored under the chin by stimulating muscles you usually don’t use.


  1. Clench your teeth together gently with your mouth closed.

  2. Now stretch each corner of your lips as wide as you can (just like when you smile).

  3. Next, push your tongue against your hard palate.

  4. When you are comfortable, increase the intensity of the push while you hold your big smile.

  5. Once you feel the stretch or tension, hold your pose for 5 seconds.

  6. Release and relax.

Alternative to: Chin Liposuction

Repeat it: 8 times

How often to: Once a day

The Jaw Jut

We all want to chisel our jaw down. Doing the jaw jut is one of the best exercises to make this happen. Before doing this exercise, however, you need to manage your expectations. What it will not do is reduce the shape of your jaw, making your face look smaller. On the other hand, when you consistently do the jaw jut, it’s going to make your jaw slimmer and more defined.


  1. Tilt your head backward.

  2. Stretch your lower jaw upwards (just your lower jaw). You’re going to feel the stretch on your neck.

  3. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds.

  4. After counting to 10, you can release the pose.

  5. Your head should be in its original position.

Alternative to: Jaw Reduction Surgery

Repeat it: 5 times

How often to: Once a day

Chin Scoop

This facial yoga move is called the chin scoop because it is doing exactly that. It’s like scooping the fat off of your chin. You’re really going to feel the stretch on your neck and your chin. The activated muscles will warm-up, increasing their strength, and eliminating chin fat at the same time.


  1. With an open mouth, move your bottom lip over your mandibular teeth.

  2. Maintain the first move and do a scooping motion with your chin. Lower your chin to your chest and do a scoop motion as you raise your chin towards the ceiling.

  3. Close your mouth while tilting your head back.

  4. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds.

  5. Release the pose slowly and bring your head back to neutral.

Alternative to: Chin Liposuction

Repeat it:5 times

How often to: Once a day

Does Face Yoga Really Work?

Research says that you have to spend about 20 - 30 minutes per day or every other day doing facial yoga for it to work. You also have to sustain your routine for 20 weeks, which is about five months. It may modestly improve your facial appearance, not just eliminate or minimize your double chin.

Don't know much about Face Yoga? Here is everything about Face Exercises aka Face Yoga

Overcoming Challenges to Your Progress

If you really think about it, 20 - 30 minutes per day isn’t so bad. Unlike going to the gym, you can do facial yoga anywhere. You can be at the office, or even grocery shopping (that is if you’re okay with making faces while grabbing a carton of milk). Set the alarm on your phone, so you can be reminded to do your face yoga every day.

Another challenge that you might need to overcome is wondering if you have done the moves correctly. The poses have to be accurate for them to be effective at eliminating your double chin. One great way to solve this is by downloading the Forever Beauty: Face Yoga & Makeup Tutorials app on your phone or device.

Check out the app now and start your Face Yoga journey now!

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered app that will transform your beauty routine. On the app, you can follow a detailed face yoga routine easily with personalized how-to videos made by beauty experts. It’s not just face yoga that you can learn through Forever Beauty. It also includes make-up tutorials.

When it comes to improving your beauty routine, the app has all of the bases covered. You have face yoga to tone your face, you’ll learn skincare tips that are suited for your skin type, and you’ll pick up new make-up skills that will have you looking gorgeous every time you go out to events or parties.

Start your journey of Face Yoga for double chin today and be confident about it now that you know the techniques and have the best tools. It may sound cliché, but consistency is key to the success of your face toning, so be patient and keep pushing forward. Happy Learning!


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