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Personalized Makeup Tutorials

Get a complete makeup solution for every facial feature, skin tone, and occasion for free! 

Save your time searching through hundreds of videos. Personalize tutorials according to your requirements & unlimited free tutorials. 

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Step-by-step Guided Tutorials




Get access to the following tutorials and many more.

Just download the app now!


Learn from the Best Trainers in Town! 

Just One Click Away.

1) Pick the facial feature of the area 

2) Follow the step by trainers

3) Get finished in a matter of minutes. 

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"My wrinkles have reduced! I have fewer frown lines and my dark circles are less visible too. Face Yoga has done what thousands of dollars in makeup could not: I look and feel so much younger."
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"I never used much makeup when I was younger so never kept up with the trends. This app lets me have a personalized makeup artist in my pocket without ever leaving my home."
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"They say Skincare is the new Makeup. Well, Face yoga is the new makeup. Thanks to Forever Beauty. I look younger and feel alot more confident every day"


They have great tutorials. I have been able to look much younger than before. My face muscles are all toned now! The tutors have been a great help through out!

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