Postures for you!

1. Butterf

  • Inhale and slightly press the lips together.

  • As you exhale, blow.

3. Nose Curl

  • As you inhale, slightly lift the right side muscle of the nose. 

  • As you exhale, soften.

2. Lip Jacks 

  • Inhale and lift up the lips. 

  • Exhale, smile.

 4. Double Nose Curl

  • Inhale, Lift both side muscles of the nose. 

  • Exhale, soften.


  • Wrinkles are creases and folds within the skin present at the outer layer of the epidemics.

  • General aging, Exposure to UV, Exposure to Cigarette smoke, and repeated Facial Expressions cause wrinkles.

  • The above 4 Face Yoga exercises relax the face and Forehead muscles.

  • Clean and moisturize your face before the exercise.

  • These movements smoothen the tension-filled in our big frontalis muscle.

  • By relaxing your forehead muscles, you will get a Natural Facial Lift.

  • It erases all your wrinkles permanently.

  • This exercise prevents expression lines on your forehead.

  • Try them every day for 2 mins and get your Younger Look Back!

  • Apply Plant-based Face Oil after the exercise for better results.

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  • It takes care of your entire facial fitness, along with makeup tutorials. Try the app now on both iOS and Android for free!

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