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Face Yoga Exercises: Where & How To Start?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Have you noticed, wrinkles and fine lines have become common in mid-aged groups? This is due to the negligence in their young age.

As per studies, it’s the stress and dead skin that cause it to show up on the face. As a cure, almost everyone ends up relying on unnatural skincare products and harmful treatments. But little do they know, they’re only worsening their skin.

Lately, my mother noticed that as she is aging, her skin has become dull and, she spotted some fine lines on her face. Even though she has been using fancy anti-aging creams, it didn’t prevent her from wrinkles. Moreover, her face now looks tiresome.

While looking for a solution, she recently came across face yoga exercises. She learned about the immense benefits of facial exercises. It’s a preventive method for youngsters and a resolution for elders. Despite that, she never tried these exercises on herself. On asking her, I realized that there are no easy sources that provide personalized face yoga tutorials for a specific area of the face.

Personalize content for you

Face Yoga

It is so customizable! You get the liberty to choose your preferred duration to do the exercises. One day you may have plenty of time then you can do a longer duration of face workout. But on some other day, you are on a tight schedule, that’s when you can do it for a shorter duration that is equally effective.

Side-By-Side Mirror

It is so easy to use these apps anytime, anywhere. They have this inbuild mirror function that helps you see yourself while exercising. The side-by-side mirror helps to do the routine correctly while watching the tutorial. This way the accuracy of the process increases and you even achieve results faster!

There is also this cool breath bar, which syncs with your normal breathing. It eventually increases your duration of breath cycles this is called Deep Breathing. So suppose, your inhale rate is 2s on the day you started. This breath bar slowing increases your duration. So on the 5th day, the breath bar will increase your duration to 3s and so on. Deep breathing on its own has immense benefits. Incorporating it with face yoga is highly advantageous.

With all that said, the most important part of all is consistency. This is the key to getting that younger, glowing, and toned face. And without consistency, there is no point in spending hours on a random day. So to keep you on track, there is an awesome calendar feature that sends you reminders to do the exercises. This way there is no chance, you forget to do your exercise!

Many experts have suggested that the best source for all these tools is a mobile app. Since the mobile is carried everywhere, chances of missing the exercise are very low. These apps also help you keep track of your progress. You can compare your Day 1 picture with your recent picture. This on its own is a motivation to continue these exercises.

Apps like Forever Beauty are free of use and provide more than just Face yoga. They are an All-in-one beauty solution. Try the app now on iOS and Android

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