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Everyday: Nude Eyeshadow Tutorial on Defined Eyes| Medium Skin-tone

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The thought of applying eyeshadow can be intimidating, especially if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, to begin with. Applying eyeshadow can seem overwhelming with different techniques, from cut creasing to glitter blending, but it doesn’t have to be!

Once you learn how to apply eyeshadow naturally, you can wear it on a day-to-day basis without feeling like it’s out of place.

In this tutorial, we have curated makeup tips to help you out on how to apply Nude Eyeshadow for any occasion. Try these easy and simple tricks to get a more glamourous look.

This look is perfect for daily wear or makeup occasion. And specially made for medium skin tone. Watch the video and learn the stepwise tutorial with Forever Beauty.

Step 1 :

Choose an eye primer.

Put a drop of primer on your fingertips.

Warm it by rubbing your ring fingers together.

Step 2 :

Apply it starting near your nose from your lash line to just below your eyebrow.

Swipe the primer on your lower lids. Start from the outer corner, moving inward.

Step 3 :

Hold a flat brush sideways.

Select a medium color of your choice.

Touch the flat part of your brush very gently along your entire lid.

Move sideways in a sweeping motion and blend.

Step 4 :

Apply the medium color across the other lid.

Move sideways in a sweeping motion and blend.

Hold a tapered brush like a pencil.

Select a darker color of your choice.

Step 5 :

Apply it across your crease following its natural curve with a windshield wiper motion.

Continue blending in outward circles moving inward.

Step 6 :

Using the same brush, take the color through your lower eyelid.

Start from the outer corner and extend till the middle of your eyelid.

Step 7 :

Hold a different tapered brush like a pencil.

Select a light color of your choice.

Apply very gently directly under your eyebrows in one sweeping motion.

Repeat for the other eye.

Step 8 :

Pack the same color at the inner corner of your eye.

Repeat for the other eye.

Hope you look great! If you have questions, record a video of your face and send it in, to get feedback!

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