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Tips and Tricks for Mascara on Defined Eyes | Dark Skin-tone

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

There are different ways to style your eyes using mascara. Mascara is the foremost tool to make you look stunning with basic makeup. It adds definition to the eyes, which in turn enhances your appearance.

If what's keeping you away from beautifully curled lashes is you not knowing how to apply mascara, then it's about time to change that. Learn the tricks on how to apply mascara to add spark to your face.

Here, we have curated a makeup tutorial to help you out with mascara! Try these easy and simple steps to get the most glamorous eye makeup. This look is perfect for daily wear or makeup occasion. This tutorial is focused on dark skin tone.

Step 1 :

Hold the eyelash curler to your eye. Open the clamps to get as many eyelashes in the clamps as possible.

Then, close the clamps and hold for three seconds.

Step 2 :

Repeat with the mid-lengths of your eyelashes and the tips of your eyelashes.

Repeat for the other eye

Step 3 :

Using a mascara wand,

comb your lashes, starting from the roots going upwards.

Lightly touch the tips of your lower lashes.

Repeat for the other eye.

Step 4 :

Using your mascara wand,

start at the base of your upper eyelashes and move it 2-3 times in a wiggling motion.

Then, comb upwards while rotating it.

Step 5 :

Hold the wand vertically to brush the lashes at the tear duct.

Move the brush across horizontally 2-3 times before brushing upwards.

Repeat for the other eye

Step 6 :

Using your mascara wand, work through your lower eyelashes

Repeat for the other eye

Hope you look great! If you have questions, record a video of your face and send it in, to get feedback!

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