How To Lose Face Fat? - Facial Yoga For Chubby Cheeks

Updated: Jul 3

We all have thought about how to lose Face Fat at least once! We keep thinking if it Is possible, and how can I do it? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Do you know there is Facial Yoga for chubby cheeks, which can help you get your dream jawline? All you need is a few minutes a day to get rid of face fat.

Have you tried to lose weight but cannot seem to shed it in your face? Do you have that pesky face fat that will not budge? Then try Face Yoga.

We all know yoga is good for your body, mind, and spirit, but who knew that it could be good for your face? Yoga is used as an exercise to help keep you in shape and strengthen your body. The same can be done when you use yoga for your face.

Face yoga is simply the act of doing face exercise using different facial expressions and applying your fingers to your face in different motions. By doing different facial expressions, and movements, this helps your muscles move and cells renew in your face.

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These are some facial yoga for chubby cheeks poses you can do today to help you lose your stubborn face fat.

Mouthwash Technique

Fill your mouth up with air and move it from one corner to the other. Repeat this movement for about 20-30 seconds. Do this once daily for maximum results.

Fish Face

This pose is exactly how it sounds. Suck your cheeks in and make a pout with your lips to look like a fish. Next, try to smile as wide as you can while keeping the pout your cheeks still sucked in. Repeat this movement about seven times, and do this once daily for maximum results.

Brow Raiser

Put your index and middle fingers together like you are holding up the number two but with your fingers together. Put your fingers over your brows and push down softly. Lift your brows up and down while pushing against the weight of your fingers. Repeat nine more times and once daily for maximum results.

Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

This one is similar to the fish face. Tilt your head as far back as you can and suck your cheeks in similar to fish face and hold for five seconds. Repeat five more times and do this once daily for maximum results.

Simha Mudra

For this pose, you need to kneel comfortably. Stick your tongue outwards and down forcefully and extend it as much as you can. While you do this exhale while making a roaring sound. Repeat this expression four more times and do once daily for maximum results.

Jivha Bandha

Place the tip of your tongue on the upper wall of your mouth, and force your tongue against the wall of your mouth until you can feel a stretch in your neck. Breathe through your nose. Repeat this movement six more times and do this once daily for maximum results.

That all you need to lose face fat. You have the best Facial Yoga For Chubby Cheeks right in your hand!

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With these simple yet effective Facial Yoga for chubby cheeks, we hope that you lose your face fat with ease. No more asking, "How to lose Face Fat?" You have all the answers and exercises to get the perfect jawline and contoured cheeks, just like the models you admire.


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