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How to use bronzer, blush, and highlighter On Round Face

Updated: May 13

Contouring may have revolutionized the makeup world a few years ago, but the complex technique is still a mystery for beauty noobs. Where to apply bronzer? What to highlight? Did I just make my narrow nose even thinner? If you struggle with these questions as well, we totally get it. Contouring can be a tricky task, especially if you are a newbie, but we can help you nail it like a pro.

Every face shape has its own technique for Highlighting, Bronzing, and Blushing. So, it is advised to know your face shape beforehand. If you don't know what your face shape is, then send a picture of your face to our expert feedback section and we will be happy to help you.

In this tutorial, we are going to cover techniques for makeup on a round face shape. If you have a round face shape, then this is a perfect place for you to learn makeup. This video is specially made for a round shape face with a medium skin tone.

Watch the video and learn about makeup tips with Forever Beauty.

Step 1 :

Apply foundation and contour your face as desired.

Step 2 :

Pick a tapered brush.

Select a bronzer powder of your choice.

Apply it lightly on your cheekbones in a wind windshield wiper motion.

Start from the top of your ear towards your lips but stop when you reach below your eyes.

Step 3 :

Tap lightly on the side of your forehead while moving across your hairline.

Apply more along with the temple.

Step 4 :

Select an angled brush.

Select a blush best for your skin tone.

Place it on the top of your bronzer line.

Start on the apple of your cheeks and blend it upward and outward in angular shape.

Step 5 :

Take a fan brush.

Select the highlighter powder.

Dust it on the high points of your cheekbones.

Step 6 :

Slide the fan brush across the bridge of your nose.

Apply a highlighter on your cupid's brow.

Tap lightly on the middle of your forehead.

Step 7 :

Grab your setting spray.

Spray it all over your face to set your makeup.

Hope you look great! If you have questions, record a video of your face and send it in, to get expert feedback!

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