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Facial Exercises For Eyes | Get Rid of Eye Fatigue

Updated: May 13

Try face yoga to get rid of tired eyes. Face yoga is a set of facial exercises to help you look younger and beautiful. When you combine Face Yoga with deep breathing exercises, you get the maximum benefit from it. So, to benefit from this, we have introduced a Breath Bar to regulate your breathing.

This exercise relaxes the eyes and reduces their pressure. Eventually, by practicing this exercise, you will get rid of eye fatigue and reduce wrinkles and tiredness of the eyes. Follow these stepwise tutorials and learn with Forever Beauty.

Steps to follow Facial Exercises For Eyes:

Step 1 :

Moisturize your Face and Neck before the exercise.

Step 2 :

Keep your head constant, and just focus on the movements of your eyes.

Step 3 :

Sit up tall and Take a deep breath. Do this twice.

Step 4 :

Now on your next inhale, open your eyes as wide as possible.

Step 5 :

Next, without moving any part of your head, look at the Right as far as you can, and then exhale and look down.

Step 6 :

After that, look to the Left as far as you can. Keep your forehead relaxed, and look up.

Continue by looking Right and Left. And follow the Breath bar simultaneously.

Step 7:

Follow the breath bar. Repeat this exercise 4 times for perfectly relaxed eyes.

Refer to the video below and follow the steps. Perform this exercise every day to avoid eye fatigue.

I hope you look great! If you have questions, record a video of your face and send it in to get expert feedback!

Forever Beauty helps you look younger naturally. Face Yoga is a set of Facial exercises that uplifts your skin and gives you a 20s look! Breathing accompanied by Face Yoga increases the oxygen level in the veins and blood circulation. Follow the Breath Bar to synchronize your breathing.

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