Postures for you!

1. Lower Eyelid Lift


  • Full Inhale and Exhale.

  • Lightly place the pinkie finger, lower center eyelid.

  • Inhale, lightly lift and Exhale, lightly soft. 

3. Double Lower Eyelid Lift Assist

  • Use the small fingers to place on eye muscle. 

  • Elbows wide, softened shoulders, straight spine.

  • Inhale, lift, exhale, soften.

2. Lower Eyelid Lift


  •  Inhale

  •  lift

  •  Exhale

  •  Soften

 4. Double Lower Eyelid Handsfree

  • Inhale

  • Lift

  • Exhale

  • Soften

5. Upper Eyelid Lift

  • Inhale lift the eyelid and the finger.

  • As you exhale soften.

6. Upper Eyelid Press

  • Use left pinkie to close the eyebrow’

  • Inhale, lift, exhale, pull the finger down with the eyebrow.

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