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Postures for you!

1. Single Brow Lift Assist R/L

  • Inhale, Right index finger on the inside of the brow and exhale.

  • Inhale, move the finger to the center of the eyebrow muscle and exhale.

  • Reposition the outside corner of the brow and inhale. Exhale.

2. Double Brow Lift Assisted

  • Inhale, lift, lightly press, exhale.

  • Reposition the finger first inside the brow muscle and then outside the brow.

  • Inhale, wave, lift, lightly assist, Exhale.

3. Single Brow Lift R/L

  • Inhale. Lightly press the finger on the inside of the brow, Exhale.

  • Reposition to the outside of the brow, Continue to breathe.

  • Inhale, lift, lightly press, and exhale.

4. Double Brow Handsfree

  • Inhale, lift, and breath passes through the nose, Exhale

  • Inhale way to the spine, bringing power to the face, Exhale.

5. Single Brow Contract R/L

  • Lift the brow and press down lightly with the finger.

  • Inhale, lift the brow, hold exhale.

  • Reposition the finger outside the brow.

6.Double Brow Contract

  • Inhale, place inside finger on the muscle, Exhale.

  • Inhale, lift wave through the spine, Exhale.

  • Reposition the finger in the center.

  • Inhale, lift , exhale.

7. Double Brow Lift Press

  • Inhale, wave through the spine, Exhale

  • Inhale, lift lightly press against the brow, exhale.

8. Brow Shiatsu Roll 

  • Inhale, place the thumb below the eyebrow muscle, exhale.

  • Inhale, plant the thumb fingers, exhale.

9. Face Tickle

  • Inhale, plant the fingers on the neck, exhale.

  • Inhale, lightly pinch the finger exhale.

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