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5 Makeup Tutorial Apps You Should Download!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

1. Forever Beauty: Face Yoga & Makeup Tutorials

Forever Beauty: Makeup Tutorials, an app dedicated to teaching you how to do makeup looks based on your facial features! They offer 4 categories of makeup tutorials; eyes, brows, face, and lips. This means that you can learn how to apply mascara correctly, finally learn how to line your lips, and learn how to contour without looking like a clown. All the tutorial videos are a step-by-step process so you are able to take the time that you need to practice!

How do you get your personalized tutorials? It is super quick and easy! All you have to do is setup your Beauty Profile. Within the app there is a questionnaire that asks about your specific features so it can give you the best tutorials that suit your facial features.

Overall this app is fun, easy to use, and can be used anywhere. Forever Beauty: Makeup Tutorials is free and is available on iOS and Android. They currently have a 5 star rating with 31 reviews so it is definitely worth downloading to try out if you are looking for personalized makeup tutorials!

2. Glossom - Share Your Beauty

Glossom - Share Your Beauty is an app that focuses on makeup tutorials using specific products such as Fenty Beauty, Smashbox, Kat Von D, and Urban Decay. They have a variety of videos about makeup, skincare, hair, and nails. You can create your profile to post your own makeup tutorials or follow others who post them. Plus, you can add products to your very own digital makeup bag to keep track of what you have and use! The app also offers a marketplace where you can find makeup and skincare products ranging from affordable prices to luxury prices.

The layout is quite similar to Instagram and the app is more community-based having followers and likes implemented. The marketplace is a unique feature as you don’t have to leave the app to learn more about the makeup and skincare products being used. This app is free and is available on iOS and has an Android waiting list.

3. Eve by Flaconi

Eve by Flconi’s catchphrase is “beauty on the go” which is quite accurate. Their interface is in a “blog” style which is different compared to the two apps above. They also suggest you create a Beauty Profile asking questions such as how much experience you have, style preference (for eye looks), and interests (learning the basics, inspiration or product knowledge). Once you fill out the questionnaire, makeup and hair videos are filtered out to fit your needs. Unlike the other two apps above, this app offers beauty themes such as summertime, let’s party, quickies, and everyday routine. There are so many different themes to choose from.

This app is free on iOS and Android and it updated periodically.

4. How to Make Up

How to Make Up is a pretty standard app where you can search for makeup tutorials based on your face shape, to hide imperfections, or highlight your best features. Their app states that they have makeup tutorials for all ethnicities. The list includes: Arab, Indian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and American makeup tutorials. They also have themed makeup such as Halloween makeup, Bengali bridal makeup, fresh everyday makeup and beginners makeup tutorials.

This app is free and available on iOS.

5. Makeup Tutorials 2019

The Makeup Tutorials 2019 app has a variety of makeup tutorials with step-by-step pictures and videos demonstrating how to do them. Their app states that they have makeup tutorials for: baking, smokey eyes, highlighting, contouring, applying eyeliner, eyebrows, bridal, and so many more. The tutorials are straight to the point and mention products that they use to get the achieved look. The app states that they are not affiliated with any of the content within their app.

This app is free and available on Android.

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