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Tips and Tricks to Apply False Eye Lashes on Hooded Eyes

Updated: May 13

Let’s face it, applying false eyelashes can be a tedious and frustrating task, especially when you are working on hooded eyes. While the end results are breathtaking, getting there can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. Eyelash extensions can also be costly, so before you give up or ruin your beautiful lashes, let’s dive into how to do this thing properly.

Here we have curated a makeup tutorial to help you out! Try these easy and simple steps to get the most glamorous eyelashes. This look is perfect for daily wear or makeup occasions.

This tutorial is focused on medium skin tone. Watch the video and learn about makeup with Forever Beauty.

Follow the steps to apply False Eye Lashes

Step 1 :

First, prep your lashes with the eyelash curler and mascara.

Pick a pair of lashes of your choice.

Step 2 :

Hold the packet of false eyelashes facing outward to identify the left and the right ones.

Peel them off from the outer edge to avoid the breaking of the lash.

Measure the length of the lashes against your actual lash line, starting slightly toward the inner corner of your eye.

Step 3 :

Grab a pair of makeup scissors.

Clip off any extra length, if required, at the outer corner to match your eye length.

Step 4 :

Take out the other lash from the packet.

Measure its length against your other lashline.

Clip off the extra length as before from the strip.

Step 5 :

Grab any small makeup brush.

Roll the lashes around your finger or makeup brush and leave them for a minute.

Step 6 :

Get an eyelash glue.

Apply a thin layer of glue from one corner to another along the strip. Keep it aside for a few mins to let the glue become tacky; roll the other strip of the lash around your finger or makeup brush.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the other strip.

Step 7 :

Look down and press the previous false lash against your lash line.

Press in the center and then at the outer corner, followed by the inner corner.

Grab a small tweezer.

Squeeze the lashes using an eyelash tweezer or your fingertips to remove any space between the false lashes and your natural lashes.

Step 8 :

Place the other false lashes on your other eyelashes.

Press in the center and then at the outer corner, followed by the inner corner.

Step 9 :

Squeeze the strip to remove any space in between.

To create an uplift, gently push against the lashes at the edge of the inner lash line.

With a bit of practice, you will soon become a lash pro!

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