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How to do GUA SHA as a Facial Skincare

Updated: May 8

We desire and need straightforward, proven results for our skin because we live in a technology era of skincare and undoubtedly emerging innovation. We love quick results without an overabundance of principles. Funny enough, old methods and approaches to life events have global solutions to many situations. And in this case, Gua sha! -the promising solution to your beauty and well-being. Gua Sha is (Pronounce as Gwah Sha).

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese technique that helps release toxicity from the lymphatic system. Gua Sha, specifically Facial Gua Sha, helps to de-puff your face, and sagging skin and reduces dark circles. Other benefits include enhanced blood circulation, structured jawline, and perfect facial features. Gua Sha displays as a safe and natural alternative to injectables such as Botox. According to tradition, Chi (Qi) is used in gua sha to infuse blood into the tissues, and this is possible via “energy” – “energy” or “life force” is a term used in Chinese traditional medicine. As technology emerges, it is easy to access through your cell phone and learn gua sha techniques at home with just a click.

Technique with a gua sha stone is performed on the skin with short or long strokes, which helps stimulate the connective tissues and fasciae. Gua Sha is applicable for the face, neck, scalp, and body.

How to perform an efficient Facial Gua Sha

Firstly, we need to know the right tool selection and the purpose of each facial gua sha tool.

These tools help facial gua sha to sculpture your facial areas. The tools come in different shapes and sizes. To know more about what type of gua sha suites you check out our blog: Let an App tell you which type of Gua Sha should you be using


Note: Approach the facial gua sha gently by using the tool flat to the skin at the right angle and pressure to de-puff the areas required. The technique used is mostly short storks in one direction, and the post-workout light pink color shown on the skin is due to a boost in circulation to the face. Controlling the tool, angle, and pressure on your face is a vital part of facial gua sha. Do not perform gua sha on broken skin and breakouts.

The application of gua sha:

Step 1: First, thoroughly cleanse your face and apply moisturizing face mist, followed by facial oil or serum.

(This serves as lubrication for effective stone movements that the stone can glide smoothly)

Step 2: Always begin the stone movement at the back of the neck, then move along on the side of the neck followed by the shoulders.

  • Repeat three to five times per area.

  • Remember to do this slowly in single-direction and not otherwise, using light to medium pressure.

Step 3: Begin scraping along the front of the neck from the base of the neck moving upwards to the chin and after from the center of your chin to the ear. In the end, wiggle it to help with lymphatic drainage.

Step 4: To relieve stress, use short horizontal strokes over the brow bone with the tool or lightly apply pressure. Then, press upwards between the brows. Make sure the stone is flat against the skin.