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Get a Personalized Face Scan solution with Forever Beauty App - New App Coming Soon.

Forever Beauty will automatically do ongoing scanning and Updates plan.

Forever Beauty uses artificial intelligence with beauty expertise and in-depth aging knowledge to create a multidimensional scan of your face.

You scan your face and get personalized tutorials, lifestyle tips, and skincare product recommendations within a few seconds.

ForeverBeauty gives you ongoing help from a human expert.

The human expert will automatically analyze your data. If you aren’t progressing, an expert will analyze your skin data and update your beauty plan.

How Users Benefit From Forever Beauty:-

1. Users get a quick, accurate, and comprehensive examination of their facial features.

2. Users receive and follow a personalized beauty plan with six elements: product recommendations, face yoga and Gua Sha exercises, cosmetics instructions for makeup and skincare products, and lifestyle tips.

3. The personalized beauty plan will rely upon organic & natural products.

4. Users will receive the highest quality content created by experts. All tutorials are step-by-step for ease of use.

5. Issues that are not easily visible to the naked eye – such as fine lines, wrinkles, and spots – will be detected by our evaluation system.

6. Users can get a precise measure of their skin health and skin age.

7. Users can consult with human experts directly, enhancing their personalized beauty plan.

What Does the Forever Beauty AI System do?

• The Forever Beauty Scan evaluates 25 dimensions of your face, creating a comprehensive assessment for optimal results.

• With the comprehensive scan, the ForeverBeautyexpert will detect skin issues and identify areas for improvement.

• Based on this data, an expert will create a personalized beauty plan just for you.

This beauty plan will include expert tips and tricks and high-quality tutorials.

• With Forever Beauty’s side-by-side mirror technology in the video tutorials displays a mirror on half the screen while the video plays on the other.

This technology ensures you’re doing the exercises exactly how you should for the best results!