Does Face Yoga Really Work?

Updated: Jul 3

In the words of our app user, Vibha (Forever Beauty Team is thrilled to acknowledge her thoughts and share it with the rest of the world)

We all have questions in our mind when we hear about face exercises or face exercises for women and more surprised when we hear that there is face yoga for men! The first question that comes to our mind is Does Face Yoga Really Work? or are they just false stories revolving around it. Well, we would like to end your curiosity with one of our Users' experience.

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Vibha: "As I age, I realize I need more makeup. The radiant glow that I naturally had was leaving me. Are my face muscles growing weaker? Am I less healthy? Are my wrinkles telling me something? Most importantly is there any way I can take my face back to its former glory.

I decided to use this time of social distancing and staying at home to find out some long term treatment for my face. I had time. I do the exercises. I do yoga. I had heard of face yoga. Does that really work? What do I have to lose? So, in this Corona Time when the face was the focus of the virus, I decided to improve my face. I started on the internet.

A Northwestern study proved that just 20 weeks of daily facial exercise of 30 minutes each did yield firmer skin and fuller upper and lower cheeks. I could do that...couldn't I?

The face has 57 muscles, said another article, which needed toning and kept fit. Made sense, after all, I spent an hour or more on body exercise. It was about time I gave those poor face muscles a workout. But how?

I looked for youtube videos. And yes, found quite a lot of exercises. And I practiced with them. I had to try it myself to see if it works. And the exercise made sense. I explored my face and tried to work up a routine that would work for me. I studied my face. I had sagging cheekbones. Was I not smiling enough? Maybe if I pull it up everyday. Every day, as soon as I wake up before I even look at my cell phone, I would pull up my cheeks, roll my tongue, pull up my eyebrows, etc. Just a minute maybe but why not, right? But was I doing it right?

Wouldn't it be nice to have an app that would look at my face and customize a routine based on what I needed and run me through the routines every morning? Our digital world has made me confident that if you want it, someone has made it and you can have it. And sure enough, there were face yoga apps. But not the ones that prescribe you an exercise routine and charge you for anything and everything! Then, there were some which had the face exercises but seemed very restrictive and there were charges for anything worthwhile and interesting.

This is why I was thrilled when I came across this app at called Forever Beauty that helps me keep track of my routine and is Absolutely FREE. It has also helped me work on my problem area especially wrinkles and I feel so much relaxed and stress-free after the face yoga training. Overall the yoga, routines seemed to be well established and seemed to have a holistic approach.

And, did I mention how glad I feel that I stumbled upon this app. This is my New Favorite."

We hope we have helped you with "Does Face Yoga Really Work?" doubt. Still doubting about-face exercises or face exercises for women, we hope not! And yes there is face yoga for men. Now that chiseled jawline is not for far we hope ;)- Team Forever Beauty XOXO


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