We’re building an AI-powered app that gives you personalized guidance on physical tasks currently performed using a traditional mirror. Our app will enable converting any of your existing device’s front camera into a smart mirror. 


Today, most people do not have low-cost, convenient access to expert guidance. YouTube has partially solved this problem but just static video is not enough for physical tasks since many require an expert’s visual feedback. Our app will use AI to provide this real-time, visual guidance. 


For example, using your smartphone as a makeup mirror, we detect your facial characteristics and show you personalized tutorials augmented over your face. 


We’ll use your TV to walk you through physical therapy exercises and give feedback on your technique. 


When shaving, especially for men of color that face unique shaving challenges daily, we’ll guide you through how to navigate bumps and skin conditions for optimum, pain free outcomes. 


We’ve identified 50+ use cases across beauty, health, fitness, communication, medical, and industrial - all that can benefit from more personalized, data-driven expert guidance. 


The mirror is a rich, untapped source of personalized data. Let’s envision Sasha, one of our beta testers who is preparing for an important interview. She uses our app on her smartphone to simulate interview prep with a virtual expert. The app detects she has some skin issues, so it recommends a skincare video tracking her normal regimen. When she checks her face before her interview, the mirror realizes she seems stressed and recommends a quick meditation routine. We’re not putting just one expert into your mirror; we’re putting every expert into your mirror.

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