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"I go to a non-target school, so it's been really hard to find people to practice consulting case interviews with. This app is amazing! It lets me practice as many case interviews as I want and gives me detailed, helpful feedback - even more than my friends give me in practice cases!

David, Summer Intern @ Mckinsey

Unlimited Mock Interviews with an AI Coach

Simulate hundreds of case study questions with a virtual interview coach. The interviewer asks a question and then you answer the question. If you have questions, ask them - our AI coach will understand your question and give you an answer back! It's like talking to a real person. 

AI Feedback on your performance

Using our AI technology, we give you a detailed breakdown of your performance answering every single question including your verbal communication skills, non-verbal communication, AND the content of your answers! Get all the feedback you need to succeed and track your progress over time. 

Free coaching from experienced, human interviewers

If you do get stuck - or have any questions - that you want to ask a human consultant who is a real expert, record a video of your question or your interview answer and send it to one of our 100+ interview experts for feedback. This is included in your $10/month subscription --> a steal compared to the $100/hour charged by consultants online! 

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