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How to Apply Foundation & Concealer

Updated: May 13

Women with dark skin know the struggles of concealing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Learning the proper techniques to apply concealer and foundation on dark skin can help you easily hide skin marks that commonly appear on dark skin.

In this video, we will show you tricks and tips for makeup on dark skin tone. Watch the video and follow the steps and learn with Forever Beauty.

How to Apply Foundation & Concealer on Dark skin tone.

Step 1 :

Get the moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Put a nickel size of it on your fingertips.

Warm it by rubbing your fingers together.

Apply dots on your face. Start from the center and work outward.

Step 2 :

Using circular motions, spread it into your face.

Wait 5 minutes for the moisturizer to set in.

Step 3 :

Get your face primer.

Put a nickel size of it on your palm.

Rub using your fingertips.

Pat onto your face. Start from the center and work outward.

Step 4 :

Spread evenly into your face using a sweeping motion.

Select the suitable color corrector that matches your skin condition

Deposit color on the area where you have dark circles.

Step 5 :

Blend using a pressing motion from the beginning till the end of the eye.

Select a concealer suitable for your skin tone. Layer it on the corrector.

Start from the inner corner and move outward.

Apply on other areas you would like to conceal.

Step 6 :

Take a damp beauty blender.

Dab with its narrow side, taking care not to blend the concealer with the corrector.

Continue blending it on the other areas.

Select a foundation of an exact match to your skin tone.

Put a nickel size on the back of your hand.

Step 7 :

Using the broader side of your beauty blender, pick up the product.

Apply foundation using quick dabbing motions in a circle over half your face.

Bounce the blender to press the foundation into your skin.

Repeat for the other half of your face.

Dab on your forehead, starting from one side, moving across.

Bounce the blender to apply the foundation gently.

Step 8 :

Use the narrow part of the beauty blender to blend the area under your eyes.

Dab some on your nose with the narrow side of the blender. Continue blending it.

Dab the bottom part of your face, starting from the upper lip moving downward to the tip of your chin.

Bounce the sponge to blend it in your skin gently.

Step 9 :

Apply any remaining product beyond your jawline to your neck.

Make sure to blend to bring everything together.

Get around the powder brush; select any setting powder of your choice.

Start from the inner part of your face and move outward.

Lightly brush off extra powder at the end.

I hope your face now looks as smooth and perfect as mine!

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