How does Smart Mirror work?

Everyone uses Smart Mirror differently! Here is how a few people make Smart Mirror work for their own makeup journeys.


Just for the tutorials

"I don't really feel comfortable using my phone as a mirror. So, I use Smart Mirror for the personalized, step-by-step tutorials instead! I watch the tutorials while I use my actual, big bathroom mirror to apply makeup."

- Caroline, 28 years old

To experiment

"I have a Beauty Table where I experiment with new, interesting makeup looks. Smart Mirror is perfect for me to use there! I follow along tutorials on my face while watching the model do the same thing"

- Martha, 59 years old

On The Go

"I ALWAYS use my phone to apply makeup - whether it's on the subway to work or in an Uber to a bar. Smart Mirror lets me zoom in and out on my face, and sometimes helps me remember some steps I often skip"

- Trish, 19 years old

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