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"I really struggle to use makeup at home, it just doesn't come easy to me. But Smart Mirror shows me models who look like me to follow along with - my makeup game has gotten much stronger!

Sandra, 35 years old

Tutorials on your mirror

Turn your smartphone or tablet front camera into a smart mirror to watch guided tutorials while you follow along. Place your phone against something, use a stand, or just hold your phone on-the-go and blend away! 

Tutorials with a model who looks like you

All the most popular makeup looks. Step-by-step.

Zero fluff. Just the tutorial, nothing else. We match you with an influencer who looks like you! Every makeup tutorial is filmed with 12 influencers of different face and eye shapes.

Free coaching from expert makeup artists

Record a video through the app and contact our incredible team of celebrity makeup artists with your questions. Our artists are of every ethnicity and incredible at makeup. Ask artists every question you have. Be confident in your technique.  

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