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Face Yoga:

the future of Beauty 

Turn back the clock on your aging skin with the medically proven power of face yoga! Tone your face muscles just like body yoga tones your body muscles.

With just 5 - 30 minutes/day:

1. Get rid of wrinkles, frown lines, forehead lines, dark circles, and any other signs of aging

2. Build a slimmer, smoother, face

3.  Increase blood circulation to make your face glow

"My wrinkles have reduced! I have fewer frown lines and my dark circles are less visible too. Face Yoga has done what thousands of dollars in makeup could not: I look and feel so much younger."

Susan, 38

Quick, easy exercises designed for YOUR face and lifestyle

Each face is unique, your face yoga routine should be unique too! Our yoga instructors personalize a daily face yoga routine for you based on your age, skin concerns, and daily habits. Let face yoga make you the best version of yourself! 

Follow along routines on your smartphone anytime, anywhere

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a smart mirror to watch step-by-step face yoga exercises as you follow along. Follow along at home, on the subway, in an Uber, whenever you have 10 minutes free to spare! 

Free coaching from one of the world's best yoga instructors

Jeff is an award-winning yoga instructor, former fighter pilot in the marines, and Smart Mirror's expert Face Yoga instructor. He can also move his ear without using his hands! As you use the app, if you have any questions, you can record a video and ask Jeff to critique your technique or monitor your progress. 

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