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Megan Savage

Face Yoga Instructor

Toronto, Canada


Jeffrey Stalnaker

Face Yoga Instructor

Houston, U.S.A


Alia Premjee

Face Yoga Instructor

Houston, U.S.A

Eyelid Lift Assist

Eyelid Lift Handsfree

Let's go beyond simple strengthening & lengthening exercises and Connect between eyes, mind, and spirit

This eye tutorial​ consists of 10+ poses to sparkle your eyes naturally. First, you will lift the eyelids with your hands' assistance and then it will be hands-free. You will tone,

stretch, and work on your control of the eye muscles. 

Why Exercise?

  • Get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

  • Remove Eye Sagging

  • Remove Eye Strain

  • Improve Eyesight 

  • Fix Droopy Eyes

​Why us?

  • Step-By-Step Tutorials

  • Smart mirror

  • Optimized breathing using breath bar

  • Record, Share, get expert feedback for FREE!

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