A step-by-step guide

One of the most popular makeup looks is the simple daily, nude eyeshadow look. Millions of women wear it every single day, but many million others avoid eyeshadow altogether - because it's "too hard". Fear not! Here's a helpful step-by-step guide to a nude eyeshadow look - personalized for you. 


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What products do you need?


A set of colors used for eyeshadow makeup. You'll want one with skin-colored tones. 


A medium sized brush with a dome shaped bristles top. Perfect for eyeshadow blending.


A cream used before applying eyeshadow colors. It prevents creasing and allows smooth application of the product.


2 brushes with flexible bristles and geently tapered edges. 


A brush with a bristle head forming a flat top. It allows for smooth and precise eyeshadow application.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Put a drop of eye primer on your fingertips. Warm it by rubbing your fingertips together.

Apply the eye primer starting near your nose from your lash line to just below your eyebrow.

Apply the eye primer onto your lower lash line starting from the outer corner to the inner corner. 

Choose a flat brush sideways. Apply a nude shade in the inner corner, middle, and outer corner of your eyelid. Repeat on the other eye.

Blend together with a flat brush all over the eyelid. Repeat on the other eye. 

Hold a tapered brush like a pencil. Apply a darker nude shade to the outer corner of your eye and blend it into the colour that was just applied with a tapered brush. Repeat on the other eye. 

Apply the same darker nude shade to the outer corner of your lower lash lid towards the middle of your lower lash line with a tapered brush. Repeat on the other eye. 

Hold a different tapered brush like a pencil. Apply a very light shade, preferably white, to highlight the brow bone with a tapered or blending brush. Repeat on the other eye. 

Apply the same light color to the inner corner of the eye to add a highlight with a tapered or blending brush. Repeat on the other eye. 

You're all done! Enjoy your nude eyeshadow look!

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyeshadow 

How do I blend my eyeshadow properly?

Whether you're doing a smokey eye or a simple nude eyeshadow look, there will be some level of blending involved. You'll want to make sure you are using a clean blending brush for this technique. Hold the brush from the tip of the handle or in the middle while blending to avoid patchiness. Holding the brush close to the bristles causes this.

How can I make my eyeshadow on my lids look smoother?

A simple tip for this is to make sure you tweeze any eyebrow hairs growing too far below your natural brows. You never want to put texture on texture because the texture below will become more prominent. Don't over tweeze!

How do I make my eyeshadow colors appear more vibrant?


First you should use concealer to clean up below the brows, creating a sharper edge. Next you will want to use eye primer as a base which will allow the colors to appear more vibrant on the eyelids. After applying the eye primer, set the primer with a translucent powder. Another way to make eyeshadows more vibrant is by wetting or spraying a brush with water, dipping into the color you desire, and patting it on the lid in small motions with your grip close to the bristles of the brush.

Why is it important to apply eye primer?


Eye primer is so important! It prevents eyeshadow from creasing so your makeup look will last longer throughout the day. Putting on eye primer helps the eyeshadow colors to appear brighter and are easier to work with. 

Should I do my eyeshadow first or my face makeup first?


If you are a beginner with eyeshadow or are doing an intense smokey eye, you should do your eye makeup first. Whether it is blending your eyeshadow too far out or having fallout (eyeshadow particles that appear on your face), it is way easier to pick up a makeup wipe and clean up mistakes than to restart your face makeup. If you are comfortable with doing basic eyeshadow looks or less intense smokey eyes, then it is really up to your preference. 

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