A step-by-step guide

Here's a quick, easy, step-by-step winged eyeliner look! 

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What products do you need?


A liquid colour product applied on the eye lash line. It is available in various colours.


A cream used before applying eyeshadow colors. It prevents creasing and allows smooth application of the product.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Put a drop of eye primer on your fingertips. Warm it by rubbing your fingertips together.

Apply near your lash line, starting from your nose move toward the outer corner.

Mark a dot on the center of your eyelid just touching the upper eyelashes. Repeat on the other eye.

Draw a line from the dot along the upper eyelash till your outer V using small strokes. Repeat on the other eye.

Start at the tear-duct and draw a line toward the center dot using small strokes. Repeat on the other eye. 

Following the curve, mark a dot half an inch away from the outer V for your eye. Repeat on the other eye. 

Draw a line from your outer V to the dot beyond your eye. Repeat on the other eye. 

Draw a line from the dot on the middle of your eyelid to the dot beyond your eye. Repeat on the other eye. 

Fill the space between the two lines, using the same eyeliner. Repeat on the other eye. 

You're all done! Enjoy your winged eyeliner look!

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