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A new mobile app designed by makeup artists, for makeup artists.

"I really struggle to use makeup at home, it just doesn't come easy to me. But Smart Mirror shows me models who look like me to follow along with - my makeup game has gotten much stronger!

Sandra, 35 years old

Create personalized tutorials for your clients

to watch at home

Smart Mirror is simple - we help you do your makeup at home in a personalized way so you can master ANY makeup look, no matter how complicated a beauty blogger or influencer makes it look online.

Put your front camera side-by-side your tutorial so you can follow along! 

  1. Side-by-side mirror you can move all around

  2. Zoom-in and zoom-out using your mirror

  3. Personalized product and color tips 

  4. Coming soon: Guidance player that shows you exactly where to apply makeup on your face!

Let clients send you makeup questions through the app

Struggling with your smokey eye? Not sure what the best color is for your blush? Unsure about the best products for African-American skin? 

Never fear, Smart Mirror has a solution! Record a video through the app and contact our incredible team of celebrity makeup artists with your questions. Our artists are of every ethnicity and are INCREDIBLE with makeup. Ask them any quesions you have and they'll respond as soon as they can! 

For a limited time, this is completely FREE. Makeup artists charge $300+ for 1-hour makeup lessons. Here, you can ask artists questions 100% for FREE. What are you waiting for? 

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